Dolakaha Bhimsen Temple

Bhimeshwor temple is located in Dolakha Bazar of Dolakha district, 130 km east from kathmandu. Bhimsen or Bhimeshwor or Bhim of Dolakha is noted as one of the most populer throughout the country Nepal among the Hindu’s.

dolakha bhimsen

People regards this idol as Bhim Sen but it has three reincarnation as Bhim Sen himself, Goddess Bhagawati, who wants always sacrifice of animals as demon/devil and last one: God Shiva who never sacrifice the blood.There are so many faith related to the dolakha bhimsen.The legend relates that long, long years ago there were 12 porters coming from elsewhere stoped at this spot and they tried themselves to make three stone stove to cook rice.The miraculous things of Bhim sen statue of Dolakha is sweating fluid like drops of warm water. The people, who lived in the Bhima”s kingdom, they had to live with sarrowful life from the Bhima and they pray to god Shiva to save their life, then god Shive was came there from Gaurishanker and killed the king Bhima. According to these history after the Bhima”s death statue of god at that spot was named by Bhimeshwor.

dolakha bhimsen temple

During ocassion like Bala Chatyrdashi , Ra Navami , Chaitre Astami , Bhima Ekadashi and mainly during “Phoolpati” in Dashain(the main festival of hindu’s) lot of visitor , prayer and tourist visit the temple.

There are a lots of hotels in dolakha bazar and charikot  all ranging from NRs 300 – NRs700 per room for a night. In charikot there restaurants and hotels are providing full tour package also .


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