Mahankal Temple, with its astonishing architectural beauty,and ancient history stands as a symbol of faith, religion, culture and tradition among the hindu’s in Dolakha. Regarded as the most sacred temple of Hindu Lord Kali in the Dolakha ,Mahankal Temple’s existence  back thousands year ago.  It  is situated 10-12km far from charikot on the right bank of the river flowing through charange.

It has many astonishing features and carries a significant history in dolakha. HIndu people sacrifies goat , free birds and pray for their wishes. It is said Kali should not be shown any women during the “bali”(scarification of animal) , so till today from thousands of years ago no women(female) are allowed to enter inside the women except the male . Female are allowed to worship , go near temple but  not allowed to enter the temple as per the old belief among hindu’s of dolakha. Only male can enter inside the temple. There are many small temples created outside the main temple.

Besides, this place is really attracting due to river where people go for swimming, cathching fishes and many more. There are small  hotels for snacks and breakfast but for lodging and fooding charikot will be the best choice.  It is 2-3 hr walk from cahrikot  .Really awesome full day trekking and visit of a really important place.


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